KF JOSH - transportní společnost KF JOSH -transport company

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Ulehlova 36, Podivin
Czech Republic

phone:+420 519 323 519
fax:+420 519 326 978

International freight forwarding and transportation services


Our spedition company arrange truck transportation for entire territory whether it is Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan or any state in Europe.


We provide international and domestic transportation for our business partners. It is done by our own fleet and freight forwarding. Each transporting cargo is insured to the required level. 


Freight transport will be adapted to your requirements. Transit of shipments (all-truck consignments or additional load) is possible from 100 kg to 24 tons. Transfer of your goods is carried out efficiently and without time-lag thanks to trucks and express vans.

Our freight forwarding in particular means:

  • the entire range of vehicles required for all types of transportation

  • ensuring express shipments - "Just in Time"

  • storage and additional logistical operations (storage, placing of the goods, unloading, handling, sorting, etc.)

  • insurance for all shipments against damage or robbery

  • maximum emphasis on meeting deadlines

  • professional approach in all situations


K&F JOSH is your reliable carrier on the way to success.


For working out of a non-binding offer  please contact us by phone +420 519 323 447 or by e-mai: admin.josh@seznam.cz.