KF JOSH - transportní společnost KF JOSH -transport company

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You may find us here:

Ulehlova 36, Podivin
Czech Republic

phone:+420 519 323 519
fax:+420 519 326 978

International Truck Transportation


Our company K&F JOSH truck transport is oriented particularly to destinations in Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and other states of the Near East.


We are direct carrier with possibility to transport of excessive loads and hazardous substances (ADR).


We provide collection (groupage) service to and from Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.


We mainly use our own semitrailers trucks for the transportation of the cargo and thus minimizing those risks:

  • damage of the cargo during shipping and forwarding
  • lost time
  • unreliability 


At the same time, thanks to our fleet, our customers gain time and financial advantage.

We provide current and complete information helpfully and timely to our customers due to continuous contact drivers and dispatchers of our company. 




For working out of a non-binding offer  please contact us by phone +420 519 323 519 or by e-mai: admin.josh@seznam.cz