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Ulehlova 36, Podivin
Czech Republic

phone:+420 519 323 519
fax:+420 519 326 978

Storerooms and Storage


Our company K&F JOSH offers storage in modern large-scale warehouses and distribution of goods to European countries, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and other countries.


Warehouses have total area of 3.500 square meters for storage till 2.500 EURO pallets. They are ground-floor brick buildings, where is constant temperature around 16° - 20°C. Warehouses are equipped with handling equipment. 


Warehouses are electronically secured as well as the whole area is under constant supervision.


We offer the following distribution to your customers. As well as we provide for our business partners re-loading of the goods from truck to truck or truck-warehouse-truck.


We provide:

  • storage, including inventory control
  • transhipment / reloading
  • order picking
  • labeling
  • packaging
  • delivering goods to customer

For working out of a non-binding offer  please contact us by phone +420 519 323 447 or by e-mai: admin.josh@seznam.cz.

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